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AS950 Peristaltic Samplers

AS950 Peristaltic Samplers
Sampling has never been this easy.

Hach AS950 Automatic Samplers collect and store unbiased representative water samples for laboratory analysis. AS950 automatic samplers are available in three base types: portable, indoor refrigerated, and all-weather refrigerated, and are compatible with a variety of bottle sets of varying size, quantity, and material. The AS950 is configurable to meet all sampling needs by combining a controller, a base, a bottle set, accessories and sampling program features.

Hach’s latest automatic sampler controller, the AS950, makes programming, data transfer and operation more intuitive and virtually error-free.
• The large full color display and intuitive programming give access to all programming criteria on a single screen - eliminating scrolling through menus and supporting error-free operation.
• The USB drive compatibility, a new feature for samplers, provides convenient data transfer and allows quick copying of programs from one sampler to another.
• The status screen instantly communicates alarms, missed samples and program progress for quick troubleshooting and confidence in the sampling process.

Every AS950 is equipped with a peristaltic pump with spring-mounted rollers that provide long tubing life and a standard liquid detect sensor for best-in-class sample volume accuracy. Additionally, the USB connection and an auxiliary port for pulse or 4-20 inputs are standard. Factory-installed options include sensor ports for integrated Hach water quality, level or flow, a port for MODBUS RS485 communication or a rain sensor and an alternate non-contact liquid detect sensor. Finally, inputs and outputs can be extended using the IO9001 for a single high-voltage relay or the IO9004 for a comprehensive set of analog and digital outputs and relays. The AS950 is fully configurable and the links below take you to lists of the most popular pre-configured combinations. To discuss your specific sampling applications in more detail with one of our experts, please call 800-227-4224.

The AS950 Sampler controller replaces legacy SD900 and 900MAX sampler controllers.
IO9000 Module

Sampling has never been this easy.

Portable Samplers

Light weight and low power requirements for easy mobility in field applications.