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5500 Clark DO Sensors

Replaceable Membrane Cartridge
Model 5500-series dissolved oxygen oxygen sensors feature a replaceable cartridge, simplifying the delicate and time-consuming task of installing a new membrane. Each cartridge assembly includes a pre-installed,
semi-permeable membrane, electrolyte, and electrodes.

Rugged, Foul-Resistant Membrane
An extremely durable 50 micron thick hydrophobic membrane ensures that the D.O. sensor resists fouling and withstands the harsh environments found in wastewater treatment plants.

Complete Encapsulation
Fully-encapsulated construction protects the sensor’s built-in electronics from moisture and humidity problems, extending the working life of the sensor.

Versatile Mounting Styles
The handrail and flotation unique stainless steel swivel/pivot/pipe clamp assembly, enabling easy sensor positioning and removal from the process. The flotation hardware has a ball float assembly that continually bobs up and down to gently scrub the sensor membrane. The submersion hardware enables submerging the sensor to a desired depth in the basin.
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