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Hach has been innovating with spectrophotometry technology for over 70 years and offers many of the leading spectrophotometer instruments in the water analysis market. Hach creates solutions that make your daily routine of testing easier.

Where do you typically conduct your measurements?

If you primarily operate in a field or mobile environment, the DR1900 brings Hach quality and accuracy to your field measurements in a compact, portable, and user-friendly package.

For those operating in a lab environment, the DR3900 and DR6000 benchtop spectrophotometers provide reliable, accurate measurements time after time.

Is it important that you are able to conduct measurements in the Ultra-Violet AND Visible spectrum (UV/VIS)?

Hach’s DR6000 provides you with the confidence that your measurements are accurate and reliable; delivered by a user-friendly benchtop instrument pre-programmed with over 220 methods optimized for laboratory water analysis.

Do you conduct your own calibration of your instruments? Are you concerned about getting the calibration correct?

The DR6000 and DR3900 are available with RFID technology in select regions, providing you with a simple, easy way to see how your TNTplus’ individual calibration information compares to the instrument’s factory calibration curve; just hold the Hach TNTplus box to the scanner, and that’s it!

Trust the experts at Hach to provide you with a reliable, accurate solution to your water analysis needs!

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