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Hach BioTector B3500e TOC Analyser

Highest reliability in TOC analysis for water control meets low cost of ownership.
The Hach BioTector B3500e delivers the market leading, unique self-cleaning technology to provide accurate on-line TOC analysis. With 99.86% certified uptime the B3500e delivers maximum availability for reliable results. Ideal for water control, the B3500e helps you to be compliant while minimizing your operating costs.

Ensure environmental compliance.
The B3500e is tailor-made for monitoring final wastewater effluent and discharges to meet TOC requirement in water regulations. Being regulatory compliant will save you significant penalty costs while protecting the local environment.

Save with low ownership costs.
Requiring you to replace the pump tube and calibrate only twice a year, the Hach BioTector B3500e provides low operating expenses.

Worry-free TOC with smart design.
The B3500e comes with a built in self-cleaning sample tube and reactor. This enables the B3500e to deliver trustworthy results even if your water contains some level of fat, oil, greases and sludge or has moderate pH swings.

Information you can rely on.
Using BioTector’s internationally proven and unique Two Stage Advanced Oxidation technology, the B3500e delivers maximum uptime, reliability and accuracy.

Access your results from everywhere.
With the B3500e TOC results can be viewed at your desk, your home, or while you are on the move with the BioTector Network Control Unit remote access.
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