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Emergency Response Kits

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Emergency Response Water Test Kits are for the detection of contaminated waters in a variety of environmental conditions. Easy-to-use with minimal training, portable and reliable results make these kits an ideal choice for determining water contamination.
The rapid response Eclox Water Test Kit is a reliable portable kit providing a broad indication of water quality and is an important component of a more comprehensive water quality monitoring system. The Kit contains tests recommended by the USEPA for emergency response protocols: chemiluminescence toxicity screening, arsenic, pesticide/nerve agents, chlorine, color, total dissolved solids, and pH.
The GuardianBlue Verification Kit is used to verify GuardianBlue instrumentation before OR after an event. The kit contains supplies to measure parameters for emergency response purposes, including: free/total chlorine, hardness (total/Calcium), alkalinity, cyanide, toxicity, conductivity, pH, arsenic, and radiation.
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