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The exceptionally strict regulations in the life sciences industry call for extremely reliable measurement methods. When used continuously, they ensure that production faults are identified quickly.

The most important element in clean room production is to ensure that no products are contaminated during the manufacturing process. It is also vital that employees are protected from harmful substances and that products or their components are not released into the wastewater.

Many of the parameters that need to be monitored form part of the routine quality controls and are monitored both during the manufacturing process and in the finished product. Stringent quality standards need to be observed in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry and all relevant directives and standards such as ISO, EU GMP, cGMP and the respective pharmacopoeias need to be met.

At Hach, we know you are facing challenges every day like meeting the most stringent pharmaceutical-grade water standards, boosting productivity, and protecting the quality of your products. Water quality affects every operational aspect for manufacturers of pharmaceuticals. 


 We provide our expertise in

  • Waste water 
  • USP/UPW production
  • Process water 
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protected product quality
  • Precise, accurate measurements
  • Greater process efficiency

Water cycle in Pharmaceutical industry and monitoring solution we are offering


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