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5500sc Silica Analyser, 1 channel, reagents included

Product #: 5500.KTO.S0.A1U
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Lower Maintenance, Less Downtime

The 5500 sc silica analyzer needs only two liters of reagent to perform unattended for up to 90 days; twice as long as the Series 5000. The industry's only pressurized reagent delivery system eliminates the frequent maintenance associated with pumps. Prognosys which is a predictive diagnostic system allows you to be proactive in your maintenance. Warning LEDs, and high-visibility notification screens let you avoid unplanned downtime. No more dripping reagents on the instrument, the floor, or your clothing while fumbling with tubes and straws. Simply match the color-coded cap to the sealed reagent bottle and twist gently. Grab Sample In and Grab Sample Out features allow quick analysis of a grab sample poured into the analyzer, and facilitate taking a sample out of the online silica analyzer to verify in a lab test.

  • 90 Days of Continuous Run Time
  • Save Time on Maintenance
  • Avoid Downtime
  • Clean, Fast and Easy Reagent Change
  • Verify Easily with Hach Lab Products So You Don't Waste Time Second-guessing

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