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Water Purification Systems

  • Overview
Synergy systems are designed for laboratories that already have access to purified water and need a point-of-use system to supply high quality ultrapure water.

Direct-Q® systems deliver both pure and ultrapure water directly from tap for use with a wide variety of applications in your lab. With the Direct-Q® range, you can choose the solution that is right for you.

The Simplicity portable ultrapure water purification system can be located anywhere in your laboratory. It requires no special installation, no feed water connection and produces ultrapure water on demand from pretreated water (RiOs reverse osmosis water, and distilled or deionized water).

For applications requiring very low organic contaminant levels, the UV option also incorporates a dual wavelength 185/254 nm UV lamp to produce water with < 5 ppb TOC (when feed water TOC is below 50 ppb), making it suitable for HPLC, GC, ILC and TOC analyses.
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