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Wastewater industry is the only process in the world where you are unable to control your sources, but have to generate a perfectly controlled output. At Hach, we understand that energy and chemical costs are rising while regulations are getting tighter. We gladly embrace this challenge and agree that wastewater monitoring for process control is important. We strongly believe that only when you measure it, then you are able control it.

Make improvements with continuous process analysis

The supply to a wastewater treatment plant is affected by a number of factors: time of day, rain and dry weather, as well as industrial discharges, can all result in varying loads. To make sure that the plant can be operated in an energy efficient manner, the level of aeration must be adjusted to reflect the actual load on an ongoing basis. The use of additives must be adjusted constantly to guarantee optimum results, by using the correct precipitant quantity to allow chemical elimination of phosphates.

We offer a range of different analyzers, probes and control and regulation components to make sure that aeration and the metering of precipitants and flocculants is cost effective.


We provide our expertise in

  • Nitrogen Removal
  • Phosphorus Removal
  • Aeration Control
  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Optimization
  • Optimizing your chemical and energy use and saving you money
  • Minimize and avoiding process upsets

Wastewater treatment process and monitoring solution we are offering


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